`Ni^(+2)` form a complex inon in water having the formula `[Ni(H_(2)O)_(6)]^(+2)`. How many of the following statement are true for the complex ion ?
(i) The complex is octahedral in shape (ii) The complex is diamagnetic in nature .
(iii) `Ni^(+2)` has incompletely filled 3d subshell. (iv). Secodary valency of `Ni^(+2)` is 6
(v) All the bonds (metal-ligand ) are perpendicular to each other. (vi) All the 3d orbitals of `Ni^(+2)` are degenerate
(vii) Total spin of the complex is 1. (viii) The hybridisation of `Ni^(+2) is d^(2)sp^(3)`
(ix) The complex is more stable than `[Ni(en)_(3)]^(+2)` (x) Effective atomic number of `Ni^(+2)` is 36.